05 October 2009


"Philanthropy is the gateway to power."  That's what Bert Cooper says.  There is a sociological context to Mad Men which is interesting.  I'll certainly be writing about something other than this show after I'm done with season 2!  I'm on disc 2, the 3rd show now.  It isn't exactly uplifting, or even that thought provoking.  I love Ken Cosgrove's character.  He's beguiling, and I love the way he is so unaware of how powerfully creative he is.

I'm soooo excited about my writing class.  I'm already doing some of these things, but to have guided, all in one place.  Expanding...

I'm plowing through Prince of Tides (the novel).  It's leading up to the Big Trauma, which will be sad.  The book is far superior to the film.  I can't believe the film won awards.  As I told my friend, Donna, one of the most unappealing things about the film was the absolute dearth of chemistry between Nick Nolte & Barbara Streisand.  Just thinking of it makes me squirm. 

Okay, getting back to this last episode so I can return it tomorrow.  Really trying to get through it quickly.

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